About me


Thank you for coming to my blog, cogitosome.  This comes from my philosophy, cogito ergo sum which means I think therefore I am. this post will aim introduce you to myself, my motivations for writing this blog and a bit of what I hope to accomplish in the future.  Although, for social reasons I choose to remain anonymous you can refer to me as “Mark”, as I’ve always been a Zuckerberg fan despite his lack of morals.  I am in my early teenage years, and currently in high school.  Topics this blog may revolve around include the American Education System (or what’s left of it).

I will also talk extensively about religion (or lack thereof, and as for my personal religion I think the best qualification of myself is agnostic.  I am a big fan of DarkMatter2525 a famous atheist YouTuber/animator.  I also enjoy more classic atheists such as Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins.  However I want there to be all loving god.  This is why I qualify myself as agnostic, because of my want’s not because of my thoughts.  I have read some of the bible, and have in the past attended catholic school and if anyone makes a valid point about religion I would convert immediately.

Another interest of mine is WordPress, I made my first WordPress blog over 6 years ago when I was 8 years old, and that same blog (although I refuse to give a url because it would compromise my anonymity) still get’s close to 500 views a day despite my not posting on it in nearly 4 years.  Since then I have made many websites (but never another blog) using WordPress, and have even contributed to the development thereof.    Therefore I have a deep emotional attachment to Automattic and may critique it.

Yet another interest of my is computer science, this stems from my early computer literacy, and most notably my many websites using wordpress (.org).  Therefore I will have a tendency to give my opinions on some issues, and tell you what I am up to in the realm of technology.

Although these represent some of my interest they do not represent all of them, I am also interested in biohacking, philosophy, hacktivism, and many other things.  I look forward to hearing your opinions in the future.

Come back soon,



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