“Do one thing every day that scares you.”- Elanor Roosevelt

Welcome to the quote of the day, I hope to have one of these every day.  Sometimes I will analyze the quote, and tell you my interpretation and sometimes I will leave it to you to decide what the quote means.  This quote, written by Eleanor Roosevelt really embodies the true spirit of endeavor.  There are several interpretations behind this quote, my favorite of which was said by Michio Kaku in a  BBC Special on time.  He said that the only way to slowdown our cognition of time is to do something different, or do something ordinary, in a different place.   Others argue this is to build up immunity so when a real moment comes where you have to do something and be calm you can do it.  My personal inclination is that Mrs. Roosevelt meant the latter.  As Theodore, her husband was shot prior to giving a speech in milwaukee and to everyone’s amazement finished his speech.



“Do one thing everyday that scares you” -Elanor Roosevelt


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