I think, therefore I am not. Only when the mind is silent I am – Jordan Duchnycz

Dear Readers,

Its almost as though I completely forgot about this blog, after having the last 6 days to embark on a deep spiritual journey.  This has caused me to not be on this blog as often as I like.  In any case I hope to post more in the coming days.  Over the past days, I have watched every Spirit Science (more on this later) meditated extensively, read a buddhist boot camp, and have been arguing with myself on whether to become a new age cook or not.  Regardless of my decision I am to maintain meditation, however things like lucid dreaming I am not so sure about.  As after much reading, I have come to know these things may, or may not be related to Satin.  Therefore, what I’ve decided is I will decide for myself, by practicing catholicism, buddhism, and new age (astral projection) simultaneously and seeing which is the overbearing force.  If I receive even the slightest inclination Astral Projection is related to Satanism, I’m out.  Ironically, during this journey I’ve continued watching Darkmatter2525, as his comedic abilities far surpass any religion I’ve experienced thus far.

In any case, the quote above is on meditation, and I think that it’s a quite interesting and contradictory viewpoint to the western cogito ergo sum, tell me what you think.

Think more, be more, or maybe not!



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