QOD/Rampant Depression Among Teenagers Pt 1

“Men do not die from overwork. They die from dissipation and worry.”-
Charles Evans Hughes

Dear Readers,

In recent years it has become evident that a major role of the school system is now suicide prevention.  This is evident through the development of the lifelines program, the training of school counselors, and the development of anti-bullying laws.    Why are teens like this now?  What causes it?  Today I will reveal some of these causes taken from talking to friends who were depressed,  or even were on the brink of suicide.  I will also avoid some of the normal dogma, since this will be first hand experience only, however recounting only my firsthand experience is tricky, because it also limits the causes to a small, suburban rich area (I live in one of the top 15 richest counties).  This will be in an short article series with an article per day Let’s get started:


Strung Out: This generally happens with students in honors classes or student-athletes.  My Personal experience: There I was, 3am and still working on homework, maintaining positivity, when I get a call from my friend.  Let’s call her “Hannah”, she calls me crying because she’s to strung out on everything, school, her boyfriend, extracurricular activities.  If you want you can skip this next part in all causes this is how I solved the problem, will be interesting but useless to most.

I told her to calm down, and that crying has never gotten anyone anywhere.  Next I asked her “Why are you doing this to yourself?”.  She was astonished, she said I don’t know, 2 hours later we came to the conclusion that tomorrow she would have to drop something.  Unfortunately for me, this “thing” happened to be her boyfriend, a good friend of mine at the time.

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